Bloomfield College Harley Davidson Internationalization in the Trump Era HW

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The final integrative written case assignment for the course is “Harley-Davidson: Internationalization in the Trump Era”, which is Case 3 in the selected cases for the course [McGraw Hill, ISBN-13: 9781307374278]. The grading rubric for evaluating this case study is different from the one for the previous case reports. You are required to answer questions based on the case. It is an integrative case study that involves the application of concepts and principles of international business covered in more than one of the eight modules.

Please answer each of the following four questions (you should write the question’s number and its statement at the beginning of your response to the question in order to clearly identify your response to the question):

  1. What are the challenges and opportunities facing Harley-Davidson?

2. Discuss the global and domestic contexts facing the chief executive officer.

  1. How does foreign policy affect business in general and international expansion in particular?

4. What approach would you recommend Levatich take in order to grow sales and increase the stock price?

The chapters in the textbook you would want to quickly review for this case include:

  • Chapter 6, “International Trade Theory”
  • Chapter 7, “Government Policy and International Trade”
  • Chapter 15, “Entry Strategies and Strategic Alliances”
  • Chapter 16, “Exporting, Importing, and Countertrade”

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