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In this assignment, you will first write your summary and genre analysis. In the next assignment, you will be timed to write your third (and possibly fourth) response paragraph(s).

Follow these general directions for your essay.

Paragraph 1 should be a summary of the article. Remember to follow what you’ve learned about writing a summary paragraph:

  • Use an author tag
  • Use only main ideas (but include all of the main ideas)
  • Avoid using details
  • Refer to the author/ article frequently
  • Use transitions between ideas

Paragraph 2 should be a genre analysis of the article.

So this is a two part assignment the first part is the summary which is first paragraph and genre analysis for the second paragraph. so you only need to do 2 paragraph for now. After that I will post another question so you can do the other two paragraphs.

I will upload the article down. also a document to help you write the essay. please if you need anything just ask me.

document link : https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Bf9lDjb1sM4ueruJ-cDu6d-qo6zh243cEJ61dBSBt0s/edit#

Article link : https://apnews.com/article/28e626562c88439b96056e8…

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