The regal Carnation Hotel in Guam, business and finance homework help

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You are to  analyse the Regal Carnation Hotel in Guam. 

I need a 10 page paper, APA format.

Case Analysis

This form can be used to organize your thoughts about a
case. As you perform your analysis, remain open to the fact that your
interpretation of the facts may change. As a result, you should repeatedly
revisit your answers to these sections as you progress through the case.

Define the Problem:
Describe the type of case and what problem(s) or issue(s) should be the focus
of your analysis

List any course
concepts that can be applied:
Write down any principles, frameworks or
theories that connect your course to the issues of this case.

List relevant
qualitative data:
Evidence related to or based on the quality or character
of something.

List relevant
quantitative data:
Evidence related to or based on the amount or number of

Describe the results
of your analysis:
What evidence have you accumulated that supports one
interpretation over another.

Describe alternative
List and prioritize possible recommendations or actions that come
out of your analysis.

Describe  your preferred action plan: Clear
statements of what you would recommend. May include short, medium and long-term
steps to be carried out.

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