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Questions from Chapter 6

  1. How does the CSWE describe Generalist Social ‘Work practice?
  2. Give examples of social work practice at a micro and macro level.
  3. How does the Ecological Systems Framework fit in so well with the Generalist Social Work practice?
  4. Why are diversity and strengths perspectives important in viewing a client ? What are the underlying assumptions and /meaning of these perspectives?
  5. Discuss how the Generalist Social Work practice evolved historically.
  6. Explain with an example the stages in case management.
  7. What is empathy?
  8. Discuss the ethical challenges in working with individuals and families. How can one deal with these challenges?
  9. Discuss the various types of groups and what roles do the social workers perform in each of these?
  10. What are the ethical challenges in working with groups?
  11. What is community planning, community development and community change?
  12. What are the reasons for social workers’ involvement in community practice?
  13. What are the roles of social worker in community practice?
  14. Discuss the 7 models of community practice and the roles social workers perform.
  15. What are some ethical challenges while working with communities?

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