Qualitative Interview about race.

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your topic is : Race.

  1. Think of a research question or topic you would be interested in exploring using one in-depth interview(race). Write a semi-structured interview guide with questions designed to provide insight on your research topic (about 10 substantive questions that should produce open-ended answers). The interview should last about 30-45 minutes.
  2. Select a friend or family member to interview using your interview guide. This should be a person with knowledge or experience relating to the topic of your research interest. Explain to your respondent that you are conducting an assignment for a course, and ask permission to audio-record the interview. If permission is not granted or you don’t have access to a voice recorder (many phones have this feature), then take very good notes!
  3. During the interview, ask questions that elicit your respondent’s perspectives and experiences. Ask for specific, concrete examples of the points they make, and follow any “leads” by asking appropriate follow-up questions (that may not be in the interview guide you developed). Observe the interviewee and pay attention to how they respond.
  4. Immediately following the interview, make jottings of key observations, such as the respondent’s body language, the interview setting, interesting or surprising comments from the respondent, or other rich details. Normally, a researcher would transcribe their interviews, but you are not required to do so for this assignment.
  5. In your essay (2 pages), describe your research question or topic and explain how you chose your interview respondent. Describe your interview respondent, and your relationship to this person. Briefly describe the questions you asked the respondent. Reflecting on the interview, answer the following: How did your interview respondent shed light on your research question or topic? Did the respondent reveal insights that would be difficult to shed light on through a standard survey? Are there any findings that stood out? Did anything surprise you based on what you had expected to hear? How might any differences between your own and the respondents’ social categories (e.g., age, socioeconomic status, gender, race/ethnicity, etc.) have shaped respondent’s answers to your questions?

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