public health discussion about an article from CNN

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Current Event topic should be about:…

find article from CNN about something related to ( Monitor health status to identify community health problems.

In order to assist in the understanding of Public health and its impact in our daily lives, you will select a current health related article (NPR, CNN health, Washington Post, NBC health etc..) that covers the topic you were assigned, summarize it and be ready to explain to the class the article’s relevancy to Public Health.

This 2-3 page paper will serve to enhance critical thinking and to make connections between coursework and the real world. Use what you have learned in class as well as any additional reading/research you have done to appropriately and thoughtfully complete this assignment.

Your response should be typed, 12 pt. Times New Roman font, double spaced with 1″ margins and a .Word .doc or .docx. Any sources you use should be cited as per APA guidelines.

Rubric is attached.

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