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Review and apply one recent, quality, academic article. The Professional Blog is in the discussion forum so that we can learn from the work of others in our course. Try to avoid article overlap.

View the explanatory videos about the Explanatory Blog Process (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. and Academic Blog Assignment – Revisited (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

Submit a summary of one (1) academic article due Sunday midnight of the week listed. Provide APA citation and include a copy or URL. Single spacing is allowed for these assignments. Your professional blog must be well written with references. Each submission will be approximately one page in length. It is assumed that the academic article will be on a course topic and be less than three (3) years old.

Suggested order: APA reference at the top. Introduction to issue discussed in paper. Explanation of method used by authors. Summary of results of study. Conclude your blog with a specific and actionable recommendation directed to the CTO or CIO of a medium to large company. Avoid plagiarism by summarizing.

Each posting will be graded on the basis of the Rubric provided (scroll to see Rubric).

COPY PASTE — Do not upload your file. DO Upload a copy of the academic article being reviewed.

If using Word, first copy from Word into plaintext editor, then copy from plaintext editor into Canvas. Get rid of unwanted formatting codes. Don’t worry about hanging indent format, if the editor makes this difficult for reference.

Course Topic: Cyber Warfare

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