Please help with a BSG 2019 report. I am company F, and vice president for internet segment for North America.

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“Vice President Report” Format for the BSG Simulation

The report should be double spaced, typed in equivalent of 12 point Times New Roman, and submitted to BB electronically (MS Word) in one file. Professionalism is important but style, e.g., margins, can be flexible.The report must include the elements listed below, with these headings and in this order:


Team name, course name and section number should be shown in the upper right hand corner of your cover page. Your name and division name should appear in the upper left corner of your cover page.

Each V. P., as a division manager in each of the six markets, writes a report with a recommended overall range of 12-24 pages (so 2-4 pages per section) excluding exhibits, which includes a discussion of each of the following six sections with these subheading titles:

A.Business-Level Strategies (i.e., Porter and Miles/Snow strategy/matrix) for your division, and “Strategy Reasoning” why those strategies were selected and/or changed over the years,

B.Ethical Issues (see Ethics list on next page); how is each of 4-5 issues either ethical or unethical?

C.Results relative to Goals for your division – a discussion of an exhibit for your goals, with your exhibit attached at the end of your report.

Your “Goals vs. Actual Performance” exhibit should include Goal, Actual Performance, and Deviation columns:

e. g.: Performance GoalActual PerformanceDeviation

D.Performance Results for your division, so qualitative metrics other than goals, e.g., layoffs, number of models, etc.; and Results Reasoning about why your division was (or was not) as successful as your expected.

E.Results contrasted to Competitor’s Results for your division, using your closest competitor for comparison and not just industry averages.

F. Sustainable Competitive Advantage (VRIO)how did you differentiate your division and how much (1-10 scale) of the 4 elements of VRIO has been achieved or could be into future years?

G.Exhibits, such as tables, charts, and graphs, included at the end of your part and cited throughout the text of your part.

MGMT 468 BSG Sample Ethical Issues, for example:

  • Dividend Policy (especially large decrease)
  • Marketing changes (especially large decrease)
  • Capacity changes (i.e., with hiring/layoff implications) versus Overtime
  • Pricing changes (esp. for last year)
  • Plant Upgrades (esp. for last year)
  • Celebrity Endorsements (esp. for last year)
  • Energy Efficiency Initiatives (esp. for last year)
  • Any other issues that demonstrate ethical or unethical choices your division faced


Each V.P. report is evaluated as a combination of two parts:

  • Content (150 points): four parts for each of the six sections above, evaluated based on the level of discussion of each of the six sections (A-F above) which are graded separately. Balance is important among the six sections (so write about 2 pages for every section).Please use a sub-heading for each of the four parts: 1. Introduction (first 4+ sentences), 2. Description of concepts (4+ sentences), 3. Analysis (3-4+ paragraphs), and 4. Conclusions (such as “In conclusion/summary …”, “In closing…”, “Going forward…”, or “In the future…”; last 4+ sentences).
  • Qualitative (50 points): 12 or more exhibits evaluated based on the level of documentation, as evidenced by the quality and significance of your analysis (for at least 12 exhibits that are original, superb quality, and distinctly different in terms of the type of analysis (e.g., not just different years, etc.), as well as cited in your text).

Overall: the Content score is added to the Qualitative score for an overall report grade out of 200 points.
MGMT 468 BSG Goals-Strategy Formsection# ____Company: ________________Year: ________


Team Member:

VP- N.A.

VP- E.-A.

VP- A.-P.

VP- L.A.

VP- Int.

VP- P.L.

1. Price:

2. S/Q Rating:

3. Models Offered:


4. Free-shipping/Rebate


5. Advertising


6. Celebrity Appeal


7. Demand/Offers:

-Projected Branded Sales, or

-Internet sales Volume, or

-P.L. Pairs Offered for Sale

8. Pairs Sold

9. Market Share

your Porter strategy*

your Miles-Snow strategy*

*Your Strategy (one Porter and one Miles-Snow, as below):

  • Porter’s Business-level Strategies (AE #6):
  • Miles-Snow Strategies (AE #7):

1. Overall Cost Leader (based on lowest for all sources of costs)

2. Cost Focused Leader (based on lowest for only some costs, e.g., S/Q Rating)

3. Overall Differentiator (based on few/several division characteristics)

4. Differentiator Focused (based on only one division characteristic, e.g., advertising)

  1. Defender (cost-price leader)

  1. Prospector (risk-taking and innovation)

  1. Reactor (profitable niche)

(Not applicable: Analyzer, which would be diversified products)

Board of Directors’ Meeting Presentation Format:

  • Content (group grade)

1.VP- N.A.: Divisional Strategies, Objectives/Actual Table, Results, and Ethical Issues

2.VP- E.-A.: Divisional Strategies, Objectives/Actual Table, Results, and Ethical Issues

3.VP- A.-P.: Divisional Strategies, Objectives/Actual Table, Results, and Ethical Issues

4.VP- L.A.: Divisional Strategies, Objectives/Actual Table, Results and Ethical Issues

5.VP- P.L.: Divisional Strategies, Objectives/Actual Table, Results, and Ethical Issues

6.VP- Int.: Divisional Strategies, Objectives/Actual Table, Results, and Ethical Issues

B.Process (individual grade)

7.Quality of Visuals (each presenter)

8.Speaking Skills (each presenter)

9.Organization and Coordination (use several “bullet-point” slides) (each presenter)

10.Quality of Analysis (each presenter)

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