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Instructions:  For your final paper assignment, write a 15-page paper which addresses an organizational communication topic from any of the topics or theories related to organizational communication discussed each week during class or in any of the readings.  In addition to the 15-page paper, you must also submit a proposal (1-2 pages with 5 sources); and an annotated bibliography with 15 sources (see due dates below). Topics may include subjects from any of the following topics or those, which are related and of your own choosing:

• Conflict Management

• Constitutive Approaches

• Decision-Making Processes​

• Emotional Processes in the Workplace

• Multiculturalism in Organizations​​​

• Organizational Change Processes

• Organizational Diversity​​​

• Socialization Processes

• Systems Approaches


You should also incorporate the use of theory into your paper.  You may select your own related theory or your may incorporate one of the following theories discussed in class and in course readings:

• Fayol’s Theory of Classical Management

• Feminist Theory

• Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs Theory

• McGregor’s X and Y Theory

• Taylor’s Theory of Scientific Management

• Weber’s Theory of Bureaucracy​​​

• Weick’s Theory of Organizing


Your paper should be structured like a standard research paper written in APA style and should include the following components:

• Cover Page

• Introduction

• Research Questions

• Literature Review

• Method

• Findings and Conclusion

• Implications for Future Research

• References

Due Dates and Deadlines:

• A 1-2 page research proposal

• The Annotated Bibliography (15 sources)

• The Final Paper 

• Paper Presentations 

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