MKTG 610 Startford University Accounting Paper

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Using what you learn this week in your chapter readings (specifically Chapter 15 and the financial ratios document) and drawing on your degree knowledge, create a message in the form of an infographic for a NEW product of your choice. Your infographic should share key financial strategy information about your selected new product. You may find it easiest to select a product with which you are familiar and make a small modification to create the revised or new product. The reason/subject of the infographic is to share key relevant financial strategy information with executives. These executives do not have time to delve into the financial details and want a high-level overview. Your infographic must communicate the following (see Chapter 15 of textbook for assistance):

Company and new product

Company’s pricing objective

  • Estimated Return On Investment (ROI)
  • External Environmental Influences on Product Pricing (Select One): Competitor Pricing Comparison or Economic Influence on Pricing or Governmental Regulations Influence on Pricing
  • Pricing Approach
  • Not sure where to start? Access the following short article that lists steps for getting started. You may find reviewing this week’s infographic Required Reading article helpful as you brainstorm ideas for your assignment.
  • Software Options: Options for software to create your infographic include but are not limited to the following (these are all accessed outside of the Blackboard platform and may require you to create a free account:

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