Identifying Milestones and Behavior Patterns

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Identifying Milestones and Behavior Patterns

Part 1: Milestones Graphic

➢ Compose an introductory paragraph for the chart.

➢ Create the chart in a Word or text document. Use graphic elements of your choice.

In the chart, identify milestones and typical patterns of behavior for each
developmental domain based on the specified theoretical foundation.

➢ Include major theorists and a summary of their research or theory for specific age

Part 2: Comparing and Contrasting Theories

➢ In addition to the chart, develop a 10-slide presentation to compare the main
theories used in the assignment. Create a title slide and a reference slide in APA
(6th edition) format.

➢ Address the similarities and differences between each theory in the presentation.

➢ Use at least 3 additional resources to support the comparisons made in the

➢ Support your answers using appropriate professional resources cited in APA (6th
edition) format.

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