Geoffrey Chaucer, The Canterbury Tales

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In what season does the narrator meet the rest of the travelers?

Why, like many others, is the narrator heading to Canterbury?

Which of the following people is a servant of the Squire and Knight on their journey?

What habit does the narrator specifically notice about the Nun?

Contrary to his profession, how is the Friar described?

On what does the Clerk from Oxford spend all of his money?

What does the Shipman steal?

Who, according to the narrator, is the only truly religious member of the clergy on the journey?

What does the Host propose as a prize for the best storyteller?

On what subject does the Wife of Bath claims she is an expert?

Why is the Pardoner most interested in the Wife of Bath’s tale?

In “The Wife of Bath’s Tale,” what question must the Knight answer in order to avoid execution?

Why do the travelers request that the Monk cease his tale?

In “The Nun’s Priest’s Tale,” what is Chanticleer’s special talent?

What is the moral of the Nun’s Priest’s tale?

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