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ESSAY #4: Extreme Sports Supermen/women on Plato’s Cave

Page Requirements

3 -4 pages

Point Value


Percentage of Final Grade

10 %

Required Texts Needed to Write This Essay

Chapter 11 “The Flow of Next” from Rise of Superman (Links to an external site.) in which Steven Kotler argues, “This book has never really been about learning to do impossible deeds. It’s always been about us—all of us—doing impossible deeds. Its our future that is on the line.”

  • You can also use the old Rise of Superman chapters you already read for Essay 3: Chapters 1-4, 6, 7, and 9

In your introduction:

  • Briefly summarize how Kotler defines “flow state” in your own words. (No quotations please.)
  • Explain why Kotler thinks understanding flow states in extreme sports are important for everyone, even non-athletes.

In your thesis (last sentence of introduction):

Choose two of Plato’s ideas from the Allegory of the Cave in The Republic and explain whether you think the experiences of extreme sport athletes in flow states support or reject those ideas.

Possible 3 thesis types:

  1. A thesis where you argue the athletes might support one Plato idea but reject another one.
  2. A thesis where you argue the athletes support both Plato ideas
  3. A thesis where you argue the athletes reject both Plato ideas.

Possible Plato arguments to consider for your thesis (make sure to avoid plagiarism of Dr Kwa’s wording):

  • The world of the senses is not a reliable source of universal truths.
  • The only way to discover universal truths is through logic / the intellect rather than the senses.
  • As a person who is expert at using the intellect to discover universal truths, a philosopher is the person most qualified in any community to be its highest governing leader or king.
  • The logical ability to reason is innate and cannot be learned through education.
  • Not all people have the ability or deserve to become part of the ruling class of philosopher kings since some people lack the innate ability to reason.
  • Universal truths exist; these are ideas, which are true all the time regardless of time, history, context, or point of view.
  • It is painful to be the trailblazer who travels between the world of the senses (inside cave) and the world of universal truths (outside the cave), but it is worth the discomfort because of what one can do to benefit others in society.
  • The highest level of human achievement or the greatest good / meaningful experience one can have in life is to perceive universal truths through the intellect.
  • Universal truths show philosophers the Good in the world as a unifying, orderly, beautiful, and purposeful force that is very similar to what many people of various religions call “God.”
  • Another Platonic idea from the “Allegory of the Cave” not on this list.

In your two body paragraphs, make sure to

  • Support your thesis by providing quotations from Plato’s Allegory of the Cave from The Republic.
  • Support your thesis by providing quotations from Kotler’s Rise of Superman.
  • Make sure to follow up all quotations with a 4-5 sentence explanation of how they support your topic sentence claim.
  • Each body paragraph should discussion one idea that supports the thesis; in other words, body paragraphs should not repeat ideas from previous paragraphs and should not contain more than one main idea.


1) Thesis formation: The thesis should subdivide into the same number of points as your total number of body paragraphs. If you have two body paragraphs, your thesis would subdivide into two points. Thesis needs to be the last sentence of your introduction. The thesis should fully answer the essay question. It should also be specific, concise, and arguable.

2) Body Paragraph Organization and Unity: Limit to two body paragraphs. Each body paragraph should discussion one idea that supports the thesis; in other words, body paragraphs should not repeat ideas from previous paragraphs and should not contain more than one main idea.

3) Topic Sentences: Each body paragraph must begin with a topic sentence that tells the reader which thesis idea that paragraph will be about.

4) Concluding Sentences: Each body paragraph should end with a concluding sentence that restates topic sentence main ideas and adds supportive reasoning. The goal is to summarize the main examples you covered in that body paragraph.

5) Quotations: You will need to support any assertions you make with a discussion of quotations from the texts assigned. All quotations should have an introductory phrase and should use the following MLA format: Kotler writes, “XX” (24).

6) Quotation Analysis: All quotations should be followed by 4-5 or more sentences that provide a detailed explanation of how the quotation supports your body paragraph’s main idea.

7) Title: Divided into two parts separated by a colon. Centered. Double-spaced like your heading and the rest of your paper. Capitalize all key words. Should be a fragment. Not underlined or in boldface. No period at the end of the title. Your title should not just copy the title of this essay prompt or the title of the readings. Example:

Essay Topic: Your Two Thesis Ideas

8) Conclusion: A place for you to summarize your thesis and add any last reflections on your topic. Should be no longer than half of a page.

9) Essay formatting: Use MLA format. For help, see Purdue University OWL website and click on the MLA section.

10) Number of Paragraphs: In order to pass, your essay must have an introduction that ends in a thesis statement, two body paragraphs, and a conclusion.

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