Discuss the issue of overpopulation in a 2 page essay

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In a two page pragmatic essay discuss the issue of overpopulation. As with most of the environmental issues that we will discuss the sides will basically be between environmental problems and economic/financial business interests. Remember that you are to use the same format as we have been developing throughout the semester. This time the issues will not necessarily be called pro and con but rather on one side there will be business/industry/govt/consumers and on the other there will be environment/environmentalists/consumers.

5 paragraph format (2 page max)

1) issues from business/industry/govt/consumer side

2) issues environment/environmentalists/consumers

3) values from business/industry/govt/consumer side

4) values from environment/environmentalists/consumers side. With last sentence identifying common values.

5) creative strategies – list at least 4-5 creative strategies

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