Delta University Accounting and Federal Tax Discussion

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1. Topic: In the Real World: Scenario for Discussion

The Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act of 2009 centered on a case in which Ms. Ledbetter discovered documents that revealed discrimination against her that resulted in unequal pay practices. The company argued that the documents were confidential and scheduled for destruction, and that Ms. Ledbetter should not have had access to the information.

What are the issues in this case in terms of document privacy and retention? How could the situation have been prevented in the first place?

2. Topic: In the Real Word: Scenario for Discussion

Many states offer incentives to hire disables individuals. When doing so, the employer must receive a specific waiver allowing them to pay sub-minimum wage. This can be a great outreach for the employer in assisting the disabled community to obtain independence and a sense of self-worth.

Review various state agencies, and then determine the wages that may be paid to the disabled workers and what benefits a couple of states have. What federal incentives are there for hiring disabled workers?

Federal tax:

1. Topic: Tax Exclusions

It is important not only to know and understand various tax laws, but also to ascertain how they apply in real-life decision-making situations. The following discussion allows you to apply your knowledge of these tax exclusions.

George, a wealthy investor, is uncertain whether he should invest in taxable or tax-exempt bonds. What tax and nontax factors should be considered?

George needs assistance understanding the different application of prepaid income under tax law and financial accounting. Explain this difference to George.

2. Topic: Tax Deductions

Individuals who own homes may take a tax deduction for interest paid. Many individuals believe that this tax law discriminates against individuals who rent. Do you think this deduction is discriminatory? Explain and share your thoughts.

Additionally, gifts and inheritances have been excluded from gross income since 1913. Discuss the tax consequences of gifts made of property and any income produced by the property. What, if any, are the exclusions and taxable income according to Section 102?

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