Applied Social Psychology Scenarios for Intervention Proposal Scenario Five: Social Psychology of Bullying, homework help

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Read through all of the scenarios and their associated articles to decide which one you would be interested in writing an intervention proposal for.

In your post, you must explain the following:

  • Which scenario you chose “My Secnario”

PSY610: Applied Social Psychology
Scenarios for Intervention Proposal
Scenario Five: Social Psychology of Bullying

Keisha Austin was born and raised in a predominantly white, middle-class neighborhood in the
Midwest. Keisha, a 19-year-old biracial woman, was named by her mother who wanted Keisha
to feel a connection to her African American culture. Keisha’s mother felt that the name would
help Keisha be perceived as a strong black woman. However, after years of being mocked by
other kids because she had a stereotypically “black” name, Keisha has legally changed her name
to Kylie. The kids at school would crack jokes about whether Keisha’s name was actually
LaKeisha and whether her aspirations were to star in a rap music video. Keisha grew tired of
being the target of stereotypes that led to bullying and she changed her name to one that she felt
sounded more “white.”
This story made national news and was featured in the Huffington Post on November 5, 2013.
Educators and parents across the country have read the story with great concern. Educators have
witnessed many situations in which students become the target of bullying. Their experiences
lead them to believe the bullying consists of more than physical aggression but also includes
verbal aggression as evidenced by Keisha’s story. There is also the issue of aggression
perpetrated online via “cyberbullying.” The educators address immediately any physical
aggression they witness on school property. However, they have found that identifying and
addressing acts of verbal aggression to be more challenging. Now that they are aware of Keisha’s
story, they are more interested in identifying and implementing proactive means of preventing
The superintendent of schools in your town has been elected on a platform in which s/he
promises to implement bullying prevention programs in the schools. At a press conference, the
superintendent commented that the schools have many policies and practices in place for how to
deal with bullies after an incident has taken place, but believes the schools will be best served by
focusing on prevention. The superintendent recognizes that in order to design prevention
programs, s/he needs to have a comprehensive understanding of the factors that lead to prejudice,
stereotypes, ostracism, and bullying.
The superintendent has retained you, an applied social psychology expert, to provide a scholarly
analysis of the scientific, peer-reviewed literature on the factors related to bullying such as.

PSY610: Applied Social Psychology
Scenarios for Intervention Proposal
prejudice and stereotyping, social influence, conformity, ostracism, and aggression. You must
also render a professional opinion regarding your conclusion as to what the schools can do to
change the culture of bullying. Your opinion should be based on the scientific, peer-reviewed
social psychology research that you reviewed.

The following peer-reviewed journal articles are a
good place to start to familiarize yourself with the social psychology of bullying.
Cassidy, W., Faucher, C., & Jackson, M. (2013).

Cyberbullying among youth: A comprehensive
review of current international research and its implications and application to policy and
practice. School Psychology International, 34, 575-612.
Georgiou, S.N., & Fanti, K.A. (2010). A transactional model of bullying and victimization.
Social Psychology of Education, 13, 295-311.

  • How you narrowed it down
  • Which two scenarios were your favorites and why
  • How the scenario you chose is relevant to your own experience or goals
  • What you will need to research
  • What limitations you expect

Your post should be approximately 500 words in length and include appropriate APA-style citations and

references as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center.

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