Answer the following:

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Section 1: Comparing Countries

Compare the United States to one developed nation and one developing nation of your choice. Use these resources to gather statistical information about each:

Use these resources to fill out the table below and to identify a nation that is developed and one that is developing. (4 points)

Nation: United States
GDP or GNI (total):
GDP or GNI (per capita):
National debt:
Exchange rate: N/A
Standard of living
Life expectancy:
Health expenditure:
Physicians density:
Hospital bed density:
Education expenditures:
Expected years of schooling:

Section 2: Analyzing the Table

1. What are at least two key distinctions between a developed and a developing nation that the table suggests? What is a key distinction between the United States and both other nations? (2 points)

2. What are at least two other distinctions between the three nations that affect the standard of living besides the ones listed on the table? Explain why these factors are important. (2 points)

3. Explain the connection between at least some of the statistics in the “standard of living” section of the table and in the “economy” section. How can improving one category through an investment in human capital improve the other? Support your answer with information from the table. (2 points)

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