Ethics Journal assignment

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  • ” A good journal entry can be anywhere from HALF A PAGE to TWO PAGES. What matters is not length but DEPTH of engagement with the material and clarity of expression. “


Entry #5: Choose ONE of the following prompts:

Buddhist Ethics

Response Prompt: Consider an event from your life, recent or in the more distant past, in which you failed to be compassionate. Try to explain, with reference to Buddhist philosophy, the sense in which having a more compassionate response to the situation would have at the same time reflected clear knowledge of the nature of the emptiness, no-self, and dependent origination doctrines.

Kantian Ethics

Response Prompt: What duties/obligations do you currently have that you don’t particularly like? List at least two. Did you self-legislate those duties or does someone else force you to do them? Why, according to Kant, should you do those things even though you are not inclined to do them? Why, moreover, would Kant say it is better for you to do them of your own volition than to do them because someone else tells you so?

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