“Does diversity in the workplace really make a difference?”

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diversity in the workplace really make a difference? And is it really so bad if
employees aren’t satisfied with their jobs?” Please respond to the

  • Watch the video
    titled “Diversity’s real power” (2 min 6 s) from Management Tips with Todd
    Dewett, located at http://www.lynda.com/Business-Business-Skills-tutorials/Diversitys-real-power/126132/174433-4.html?org=strayer.edu.
    Investigate two to three (2-3) reasons why diversity is important to an
    organization’s success. Speculate on the major potential ramifications to
    an organization if said organization does not practice diversity
  • Analyze the manner
    in which job satisfaction impacts both individual performance and an
    organization’s ability to meet its objectives. Give at least two (2)
    examples of the major organizational factors that contribute to job

Include sources for your primary posting.

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