Afif Taian Oud Player from YouTube (video of actual playing), module 7 essay, history homework help

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please rewrite or revise with new resources and more that 65% originality, in other words… YOUR OWN WORDS! 

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Supplemental Online Resources

  • Afif Taian Oud Player from YouTube (video of actual playing)
  • Oud Music from YouTube (video of background music)
  • Islam:  Empire of Faith
    • After you go to this PBS website, begin by clicking on “Profiles” and read the biography of Islam’s founder, the prophet Muhammad. Then return to the main menu, click on “Faith” and read about Islam’s religious beliefs under the headings “God,” “Five Pillars,” “Koran and Tradition,” and “People of the Book.” Return to the main menu and click on “Culture” and “Innovation” to explore Islam’s rich legacy in art, architecture, literature, science, mathematics, and medicine.

Religious discrimination is still the basis for many conflicts in the modern world. Knowledge of the world’s religions might help lead to a more peaceful world.  

Directions:  For this writing assignment (essay), discuss the biggest similarities and biggest differences among the religious beliefs of Judaism, Christianity and Islam.  Your response should be written in essay form, including a clear thesis statement. Required word count is 750-1,000 words. Back up your points from the sources you use with short quotations. Use at least four sources, including at least three primary sources. For example, you can use the Jewish Tanakh, the Christian New Testament, and the Muslim Qur’an

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