Topic 1 DQ 2

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Please respond with a paragraph to the following question, add citations and references:

The health care reform is shifting the focus from a disease oriented health care system toward one of wellness and prevention. Previously the focus was on disease oriented health care system but due to the vast number of individuals living with a chronic disease 75% of the nation’s total health care consumption resulted from caring for individuals with chronic diseases (National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors [NAIFA], 2013). Chronic disease not only affects health and quality of life, but it is also the major driver of health care and therefore resulting in increasing health insurance costs (NAIFA, 2013). The health care reform shifting towards wellness and prevention is to keep health insurance affordable. Since chronic diseases have been found to raise the cost of healthcare, the prevention of chronic disease will help lower health care. The goal is to educate the public to hopefully prevent chronic diseases. The reform has identified three risk factors that are associated with the development of chronic diseases: poor diet, inactivity, and smoking (NAIFA, 2013). Education programs on disease prevention, proper diet and exercise will encourage healthier lifestyles, thus reducing the financial burden on the healthcare delivery system (NAIFA, 2013).

Nursing fits into this shift towards wellness and prevention because health and wellness education have historically been an integral element of nursing practice (Luck, 2013). Nurses possess the essential tools to create health education programs that embrace the nations renewed focus on wellness and prevention. The nursing profession is centered on providing holistic care to the whole person. To provide care to the whole person it is imperative that nurses teach prevention and wellness strategies to keep their healthy patients healthy. Additionally, nurses must actively partner with physicians to promote the value of an integrative model of health and wellness (Luck, 2013).

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