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 Respond to your classmates with comments that your peers made that are relevant to you and your career. (My major is Child Development and future career is an elementary teacher.) Just add to their post in 50 words or more.

 I live in Cleveland, Ohio and have four children and three grandchildren.  I chose to read the article, Ten Characteristics of An Adult Learner.

I would describe myself as having the following characteristics; Adult must fit their learning into life’s margins, More Motivated in learning, and Desire to take more control over their learning. 

Being an adult learner, I have multiple responsibilities that I am accountable for and therefore, I must use time wisely to make time to study and to complete my assignments.  I am more motivated in learning because acquiring a higher education is something that I want to do for myself.

  I have made the decision to return to college and I have made the commitment to hold myself accountable for completing my classwork. Since enrolling at Ashford University, I have become better at managing my time.

 Because I want to do my best in college, I arrange my schedule to allow myself time to study. I enjoy learning new things and this keeps me motivated.  I have come to realize that no one is going to do the work of completing college for me. I have to remain engaged at all times and I have to remain intentional when it comes to learning and processing how I will use new knowledge in my life.

  I returned to college to obtain a Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Administration. I chose this major because I love working with children and I believe that obtaining my degree would allow me to open my own business.  By taking this class I want to learn how to become a more knowledgeable teacher. 

I currently work in a Head Start program and want to stay relevant in my field.  I believe first of all that if I study and complete my assignments and stay fully engaged in the process of learning that I will help myself in the long run. However, I look forward to learning new information that I can apply in the field.

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