Reading book analysis

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Read book: Yakama Rising: Indigenous Cultural Revitalization, Activism, and Healing , link:

Write 2 full pages essay, word count: 700.

Writing instruction is post in the attached file, please check.

There is one sample, use the similar format writing for this assignment.

Questions can use from these:

1) How does this book’s presentation of Native American history compare with that of other history
texts or books on Native Americans you have read?

2) What sources does Michelle cite or reference in their narratives? How many are sources
authored/created/voiced by non‐Natives? How many are sources authored/created by Native
Americans? How are written and oral sources treated/interpreted/credentialed?

3) How is the nature of the relationship between indigenous peoples and Euro‐Americans recounted?
Violence, adaptation, assimilation, misperception, collaboration?

4) How was the “other” defined or perceived in these interactions. In other words, how did Native
American perceive white immigrants and conversely, how did white immigrants perceive Native

5) How does the collective narrative articulated by this book confront, contradict, or complicate any of
the prevailing dominant‐culture perceptions of Native peoples from the 19th and 20th centuries we

discussed in class (e.g. romanticized Noble Savage; demonized ignoble savage; the nostalgic Vanishing
Race; the “racialized other;”), or dominant culture visions of the American West/Pacific Northwest (e.g.
Manifest Destiny, Westward Course of Empire; Yeoman Republic; Garden of the World; New Eden;

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