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Presenting the Problem-

I need 3-4 paragraphs on this with 2 or 3 References.

Learning Outcome: Define a business problem including problem statement, purpose and

Building off of the business problem you identified in week
one, you will construct a memo to your boss (use the Parts of a Memo guide to help you with writing
and formatting). Within the memo, you will present the business problem,
the purpose of the study (example statement: “The purpose of the study is to
gain information to address the problem introduced in week 1″
followed by a relevant and testable research question. The research
question should adhere to the following guidelines: 

1.  formation
of question is based on theory, previous research and experience;

2.  stated
in the form of a question; and

3.  is
focused and clear (i.e., specific, measurable, and feasible).

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