an argument essay about speaking a language other than English

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an argument essay is about: should preschoolers be taught more than one language

1.5-paragraph argument essay

2.Your essay must include a counter-argument.

3.There is a well-thought out thesis statement, which has a topic,
controlling idea, & listed plan of development.

4.Body paragraphs begin with a topic sentence
& include an appropriate transition.

5.Body paragraphs provide solid, well-expressed support for
the thesis statement & follow a climactic order.

6.The essay effectively employs a counter-argument.

7.The essay has a well-crafted concluding paragraph that goes
beyond the thesis statement & the details of the body paragraphs.

8.Grammar, spelling and punctuation are correct.

9.The essay shows attention to style, including organization,
good sentence construction, & diction appropriate to
audience and purpose.

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