2 scholarly articles to support my essay (MLA format) help

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so basically throughout the semester my professor had assigned us to read four novels of female detectives with different authors obviously. She made us write an essay where we compared the gender roles in their society, roles of female detective in their society, their mode of investigation, and such … Anyways yesterday my professor assigned us to research two scholar articles that will support our essay which we wrote already… she went over my essay and said it was ok. here are the four novels we’ve read in class:

first novel: The Murder at the vicarage by agatha christie

second novel: An unsuitable job for a woman by P.D James

third novel: A is for alibi by sue grafton

fourth novel: Indemnity only by sara paretsky

so my professor said we can quote from the scholarly articles and stuff but i’ve never done anything like this so i need a professional with experience to just add like 2 more pages to this essay. We must cite the 2 scholarly articles at the end of course (MLA format). So please choose to help me on this assignment only if you know what you’re doing please. thank you.  

any questions please contact me!

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