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This week’s writing assignment asks you to reflect on the Marketplace Live simulation. Consider the following as components of your document:

• Evaluate overall simulation performance

• Evaluate financial performance

• Evaluate market performance, including:

– Customer opinion—brand designs, prices and advertising

– Market demand—by company, brand and per sales person

– Competitor tactics—segments targeted and selection of marketing tactics

• Report on operations since design of the business plan, including:

– Market and financial performance

– Valuation of the firm

– Departures from plan, justification

• Present plan for the future

Address the prompt with a one-page letter to the Board of Directors, summarizing the last 1 1/2 years of performance and giving a forecast for the future–what is going well, what needs adjustment, what will have to be different to be sustainable for the future.

Give details on the decision you made that you think was important to contributing to your company’s success. Talk about relevant areas: marketing, human resources, branding, advertising, production. What worked, what didn’t. What could you have done differently. Grading will be using the RED model of critical thinking: Recognize assumptions, evaluate arguments, and draw conclusions in the reflection paper.

I’m attaching a sample format for how the paper should look like. I’m also attaching the rubric for this paper as well.

The website is called market place live. Type the name exactly like that on google and it is the first link. Sorry the hyper link does not work when I pasted it here. (https://game.ilsworld.com/)

username is: jeshwin4us@gmail.com

password is: kerala1296

Begin with quarter 2 and go all the way till quarter 7 to see how the company progressed through the quarters. Then write the paper with the instructions provided above.

If you have any questions feel free to message me.

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