Reclassifying “long-term investments” as “short-term investments”, Accounting Discussion Post help

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Answer should be informal, and around 2-3 paragraphs with 2 in-text citations from internet sources. See below for question. (I check for plagiarism

You are one of the accountants at Grace Manufacturing Company. Grace has a $50 million loan with Lone Star Bank.  One of the stipulations on the loan is that Grace must have a current ratio of 1.5. In other words, Grace’s current assets must be at least one and one-half of the current liabilities. Based on the preliminary financial statements for the year just ended, Grace will violate the stipulation. Violation will negatively affect current and future loans. The accounting staff has identified two options to fix the problem, which include:

  1. Reclassifying “long-term investments” as “short-term investments” Doing this would require a statement from management that the intention is to sell the property within one year. Actually, Grace intends to hold the investment for several years, and the classification would be changed back to long-term next year when the threat of loan violation has disappeared.
  2. Reclassifying certain short-term loans as long-term on the basis that Grace will refinance the loans. Technically, this is true. However, Grace has no formal refinancing commitment and will not have one until at least six months from now.

Present the findings of the accounting staff to the board of directors. What points will you emphasize in your presentation? What is your recommendation?

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