Only three slide

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I am doing youtube video about cooking with classmate.

So i need three slide to demonstrate my part.

first slide, you will need to identify who the stakeholders are like the pics. so:

1. Internal (give examples of who – e.g. our team, camera man, video editor, etc.)

2. Connected stakeholders (e.g. sponsors like Tesco, market be bought material from etc.)

3. External (government maybe i dont know, give examples)

then in the next slide, include the stakeholder Map but say which stakeholders sit where. for example, my team could be on the high power and high interest section, etc.

and then you may want to have a third slide that says what we need to do for which stakeholders. for example, for the team or high power high interest stakeholders, we want to actively engage. and include what we will do for the other stakeholders too/how we willl manage them.

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