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Each question is worth 20 points. Give specific examples to support all of your answers.

 1. What was your perception of freshmen orientation when you registered for the course
(exclude instructor and just focus on course content)? Now that you have completed the
course, what is your new perception? (Note – All sections of ORBM 102 teach the same
material. The delivery style depends on the instructor.) 

2. At the midpoint of this course, you gave an analysis of how the members of your
company (group/team) worked together. Now that you have completed the semester:
 First, evaluate the performance of each member of your team.
 Next, take us through your teams “5 stages of team development”
 Finally, tell how your group/team functioned for the remainder of this semester.
For example, did you grow stronger, did you fall short; how did you come together
for the different team presentations (i.e. Hot Topics in Higher Education,
CareerPedia; GSBM Inventors EXPO, GSBM Olympics)? Also, did you shift from
a group to a team, team to group, or did you stay consistent in just one of these

3. Now that you have observed the culture of each team/company from your class and the
personalities of your classmates as a whole, develop one “Dream Team”. Who would
you put together (people from different teams) as the ultimate presentation team? With
each member (excluding yourself), give 4-5 names and justify your answer by evaluating
each person and their strengths in this area as you see them. 

4. How did you handle stress and time management when you reached the Pressure
Point Season (Back to Back Convocations, Multiple meetings with team members and
instructor, two presentations in less than 30 days)? Did you see any changes in your
personal character, the character of your team members or the team’s outcomes of
these projects?

 5. What are the five most important pieces of information and/or lessons learned from
freshmen orientation this semester? How will you use this information throughout your
college, professional and/or personal life?

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