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Access to and the availability of the Internet to conduct local and transnational business transactions, research personal and professional information to enrich our lives, and communicate with others even within the most remote regions of the world is unparallel to anything we have experienced in our lifetime. 

The overwhelming majority of Internet users access the world access the Internet daily for legitimate, law-abiding, personal and professional purposes, many of whom can be categorized as recreational users. However, for a smaller, yet significant percentage of users, the means and motives for accessing the Internet are far from law-abiding. Their intentions are deviant and as their sexual curiosity piques and increases, so does their addictive, compulsive behaviors resulting in the emergence of a new clinical disorder commonly referred to as sexual addiction to Internet pornography. 

Case Summary- Word count required is 150 words with reference.

1. Define and describe in detail the etiology of sexual addiction to Internet pornography. Word count required is 150 words with reference.

Case Analysis – Word count required is 150 words with reference.

2. In Crimes of the Internet, the authors suggest that today’s male adolescents are somewhat desensitized to Internet pornography, particularly in regards to the objectification of females as being submissive and subservient. Do you agree or disagree with this position? Why or Why Not?

Executive Decisions – Word count required is 150 words with reference.

3. As a law enforcement officer, you are empowered with a great deal of discretion as to whether an arrest or verbal reprimand is warranted. You are summoned to the local high school in your jurisdiction concerning an anonymous “tip” that student Joe Smith, age 15, has several nude pictures of his 14-year old ex-girlfriend on his cell phone and has shared the sexually suggestive images with his friends who in turn shared the images with their friends. During your interview, Smith acknowledges having the images and sharing them with his friends. Since the images depict a “minor,” you inform Smith that he can be criminally charged with possession and distribution of child pornography. Now is the time to highlight your critical thinking / problem solving skills. How would you proceed in resolving this incident?

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