Culminating Project: Early Childhood Activity Booklet

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Create an activity booklet that highlights language and literacy progression, shares developmentally appropriate lesson plans, and encourages parental involvement for English speaking children as well as English language learners.

Separate your booklet into four sections by age group—infant, toddler, preschool, and primary. Address the following in your booklet:

  • Create a comprehensive list of the typical language and literacy milestones that occur in each age group. Be sure to include language, reading, and writing as appropriate.
  • Include one developmentally appropriate language and literacy lesson plan for each age group. You may use the lesson plan template that you located or designed in Workshop 1. Lesson plans must include:
    • Topic
    • Lesson objectives
    • Grade level
    • Lesson steps
    • An activity with a parent or caregiver at-home extension
    • Assessment tool
    • Modifications/differentiation strategies for English language learners
  • Include a rubric for the primary age lesson plan.
  • Write a 175-word introduction to the booklet that answers the following questions:
    • What is the purpose of this booklet?
    • How can this booklet be used at home?
    • How might it support the various learning levels within a classroom?

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