Assigment MGT201 Markting

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please follow the instruction iside the word file.

and please follow the Rubric bellow:

1-Good description of the attributes (features, functions, uses, product
design, brand name, level of quality…) and benefits of the chosen
product (product’s utility, what that product does for a customer…).

2-Good definition of the various levels of a product (the core, actual, and augmented product benefits).

3-Good and clear definition of the various steps in the new product
development process (idea generation, ideas screening, concept
development, marketing strategy, business analysis, concept testing and

4-Good and clear definition of the various stages in the product life
cycle (Introduction stage, Growth stage, Maturity stage, Decline stage).

5-Good and clear explanation of the various dimensions upon which a
company manages its product portfolio (product mix width, product mix
length and product mix depth).

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