skillful paragraphing is important to clear communication, accounting homework help

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1. Skillful paragraphing is important to clear communication. Paragraphs show where topics begin and end, thus helping the reader mentally organize the information. Like sentences, paragraphs should have unity. When applied to paragraph structure, unity means that a paragraph sticks to a single topic or idea, with everything in the paragraph developing this topic or idea. When you have finished a paragraph, you should be able to say, “Everything in this paragraph belongs together because every part concerns every other part.”

In the material below, three distinct ideas have been combined into one. Arrange the material so that there are three separate paragraphs, each addressing a separate idea.

”A majority of the economists consulted think that business activity will drop during the first quarter of next year. Of the 185 economists interviewed, 13 percent looked for continued increases in business activity, and 28 percent anticipated little or no change from the present high level. The remaining 59 percent looked for a recession. Of this group, nearly all (87 percent) believed that the downturn would occur during the first quarter of the year. The significant role of inventories in the economic picture should not be overlooked. At present, inventories represent 3.8 months’ supply. Their dollar value is the highest in history. If considered in relation to increased sales, however, they are not excessive. In fact, they are well within the range generally believed to be safe. Thus, inventories are not likely to cause a downward swing in the economy. Numerous materials have been used in manufacturing this part. And many have shown quite satisfactory results. Material 329, however, is superior to them all. When built with material 329, the part is almost twice as strong as when built with the next best material. It is also three ounces lighter. Most important, it is cheaper than any of the other products.”

2. As a member of an investment club, use PowerPoint presentation to report to the membership on whether the club should purchase shares of Alibaba (BABA), Apple (AAPL), Facebook (FB), and Google (GOOG). Your report should cover past performance, current status, and future prospects for the short and long run.

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