Reflection on Group Assignment

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Assignment discription- After the group is complete the student will reflect on their performance as a leader, their initial plan and overall success of the group. This will be due 1 week after they complete their group. GROUP PROCESS- Ending phase of the group- explain according to wrap up questions

CONTENT- group of social work student,s life experiences and study stress, group guidelines,

Yarn strings ice breaker activity

Conflicting schedule of both group leaders- me and Neha we could not meet before we run the group. We would have something diffentely

Flexibility in leadership style- members were asked to raise hands there was no name calling or turns where group members felt more safe


Regret feeling as a leader that Katlyn was left for the yarn and she was not asked about her feelings, group behaviors etc, elaborate on it that that effects a person who is feeling left out and. leaders does not recognize and any lesson learned from the incident

Positive thoughts of some members-

Which seems sugar coated , all answers went like sugar coated and there was a turning point when I as a group leader asked a question” what can be done differently to process this group even better” , then all negative feeling comes up and it opens up the discussion ,this is a leadership style that when people are quite how to put people on spots to talk. People ( Kera)expressed feeling that the group was not that helpful, it did not go as it was supposed to. People were so formal, only superficial information was shred. No deeper stuff was shared. She got more support from outside the group that inside as group was more superficial.

Elaborate on it that how asking open questions can open up the discussion.

Trust building with time- As this is ending phase, people build relationship during group process. Sub groups people sitting close to each other.

Rechal and Ember also expressed that there was not much help received inside the group.

Any group theory involved-

Plesae elaborate what would have happened if group went well


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