Recruitment and Retention

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Post a substantive response to each question (minimum 250 words). Reply in a scholarly and substantive manner to the following two classmates with at least 100 each.

Employers sometimes use non-traditional methods to recruit qualified candidates. Legoland asked applicants for Master Model Builder to post a 1 minute video on YouTube. View the winner’s video at:

Describe a position/situation where employers may need to use non-traditional recruiting methods and what creative methods might work to find qualified candidates. Another option is to find an internet resource that describes non-traditional recruiting.


The position that I have chosen is a Cosmetologist with a focus on Hair Stylists. The non-traditional recruiting method I would start with would be recruiting at Beauty Schools for students in their Senior level of school and/or former Graduates. This method would be plausible because those that are almost done and waiting to take the test for licensure can work up to a year prior to obtaining their credentials.

One of the reasons I would begin with Graduates is I feel the knowledge they have obtained will still be fresh in their minds. Additionally, the students work as Stylist for free in the schools, fulfilling their requirements. They are generally supervised to make sure everything is being done appropriately, and my hope would be that they continue those practices in real life employment.

The creative methods for the applicants would be to do something like Legoland. I would ask the applicants to send a short video of them completing a hair style on a client or mannequin while giving instructions throughout the process. As a Hair Stylist by trade many post videos of themselves styling someone’s hair or cutting it from start to finish to attract customers. This can also be used for employment.

In some states this is done before the board prior to you becoming a licensed Cosmetologist. However, not in Illinois. This can be a strength or weakness for the applicant. However, for those recruiting you will get an opportunity to see the products they use, processes done and the quality of their work. This should also be beneficial in helping to determine the best qualified candidates.


Non-traditional recruiting is now becoming common in today’s world. With trying to grab the interest of candidates, picking the right ones out of the pool is vital for a company’s success. The original resume and interview are becoming out of date for some organizations. They are looking for more than qualifications and an interviewer and interviewee being on their best behavior. The link that I have shared above goes over a few different, non-traditional and unique, ways that organizations are finding more beneficial ways to recruit and select the right people for the job. The staffing company Creative Niche begins by using the traditional job application, resume, and two interviews. But, if candidates make it to the final step of the process, they are invited to a company wine and cheese party with other candidates and the organizations current employees. They converse and ask questions and are viewed in how they handle social settings with their possible future coworkers. The CEO gives his employers the final say if they believe they found the right fit for the job. Since implementing this strategy, the retention rate of the company has gone up to 90% (Vozza, 2020). Another organization is the tech firm Detroit Labs. They decided to get rid of resumes. Instead, the applicants fill out a “Getting to Know You” document. The organization believes that this gives more of an insight to who an applicant really is and if they would be a good fit for the organization. If they believe so, then the applicant makes it to the interview process. Zappos also uses a different approach. Their interview process begins when they have a driver pick you up to take you to the interview. The way a candidate treats the driver and acts on their way to the interview is their first insight in determining if the candidate’s values match the companies. The software firm Menlo Innovations has dropped traditional interviews and instead uses mass auditions. Applicants are pair up and given a single sheet of paper, a pencil, and a task to complete (Vozza, 2020). The CEO then tells them that their goal is to make their partner look good enough to be invited back. This was a super interesting read and definitely gave some non-traditional recruitment methods!


Vozza, S. (2020). Four Unique Ways These Companies Are Finding The Best Job Candidates. Retrieved 28 January 2020, from…

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