Introducing of families

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1. View the video clip, “How do you incorporate parents into the school family.” A.In your own words, describe your understanding of “Family as a Socializing Agent.” Reference to the video in your response.

2. View the video clips on Media and Technology, “Why It Is Important to Set Limits on Media for Kids.” Following, read the article, “Ten Reasons Why Hand-Held Devices Should be Banned” by Waldorf Education. A.In brief, provide your own personal opinion regarding this topic? B. How could you relay this information to parents in a positive and non-offensive way? Note: Thousands of children are showing up to school every day exhausted from late-night video games and social media.

3. A. Define the following terms and provide an example for each: Prejudice, Classism, Racism, Stereotypes, and Bias.

4. View the video clips on “The Story of Ruby Bridges.” In addition, read the PowerPoint, “The History of Ruby Bridges.” Describe your reaction to Ruby’s story and your views on discrimination in terms of school attendance, fair and just treatment, and education as a whole. PowerPoint, Supplemental Content, Children, and Prejudice, or… If you have studied “Ruby Bridges in HDFS 232 Diversity, research the August 12, 2017 “Unite the Right” White Supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia. Express your views by answering the following. Does racism and bigotry trickle down to our children?

5. Provide 3 ways that you can prevent prejudice behaviors from emerging in your present or future classrooms. PowerPoint, Supplemental Content, Children, and Prejudice.

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