Gender and Sex/Adult Learning/Classroom Discourse, psychology homework help

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Prior to beginning this discussion please read the required
articles “Gender and Schooling” (pp. 229-234), “Organizational
Learning” (pp. 235-240), and “The Adult Development of Cognition
and Learning” (pp. 241-246) in your required text.

Based on your resources this week, apply skeptical inquiry
to a brief discussion about how gender plays a role in the learning
process and academic success. What examples of this have you experienced
or heard about in your own life? Explain the theoretical perspectives
of organizational learning as a proponent of political ideologies.
Describe how an organization’s inability to learn to learn can affect
performance. What interventions do you believe could be applied to
online training environments that would facilitate the learning
process? Apply the concept of learning through adulthood to your own
past academic success and/or failures. Do you personally capitalize on
your past experiences? How? Do you capitalize on the feedback given to
you by mentors, classmates, and/or instructors? If so, how? Your
initial post should be 450 to 600 words in length and thoroughly
discuss each of the elements in the prompt.

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