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1. A. List and describe the two most powerful concepts that you learned from Chapter 5, Language and Nationality? B. State why?

2. A. What did you find most valuable from the videos, “English Language Learners: Culture, Equity, and Language” and “Supporting English Language Learners in the Preschool Classroom.” B. What is meant by TPR? C. Do you believe this method would be effective? D. Why or why not?

3. PowerPoint: Bilingual Education – A.List and briefly describe the Four Stages of Bilingual Language Development: Speak Home Language, Nonverbal Period, Telegraphic Speech, and Productive Speech. B. Why is it important to be aware of these stages as a practicing teacher?

4. PowerPoint: Bilingual EducationA.What is code-switching? B. Why is it important to understand the meaning of this term when working with children whose primary language is not English?

5. PowerPoint: Bilingual Education – Which “Bilingual Educational Model” approach do you feel would be most effective and which approach do you believe would be least effective and why? (Submersion, Immersion, Pullout, Transitional, Maintenance, and Dual Language)

6. Review Pages 118 through 124. If you are presently teaching, express three ways that your Curricula Connections will change or be enhanced in terms of working with early language learners. If you are not teaching, list three strategies that you will incorporate in your future classrooms that will support early language learners. Include one strategy for building partnerships with families of early language learners. You may find the “Key Practices” from Figure 5.1, NAEYC Linguistic and Cultural Diversity Statement Summary helpful when addressing this question.

7. A. What was your A-ha moment when studying language and bilingual education? B. How are you feeling about the class and the content thus far? I know this is a very rigorous class, and I want to thank each and every one of you for your hard work and perseverance!

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