US China Trade War Paper

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Wall Street Journal (WSJ) Posting: The purpose of this assignment is to stay current with business and world events. MBA students need to be aware of the events affects the business world nationally and internationally.

Please read a current Wall Street Journal (WSJ) article (must not be older than 3 months) and provide the following:

1. Post the name of your WSJ Article in the Subject Line. 

2. Provide a summary of the article and list three questions for the discussion of the article.

3. Provide your reference for the WSJ article.

6. Please don’t choose these wsj articles because already posted by other friends :

Health-Care Stocks Won’t Feel the Bern for Long 

From Toxic to Turnaround: Bayer’s CEO Fights to Fix What He Broke 

China’s Factories Struggle to Resume Operations after Virus Shutdown

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