-Partial Bill of Quantities (BOQ) -Specifications writin

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Research 2

Bill of Quantities (BOQ) & Specifications Writing:



Based on your previous materials research. Each individual student is required to select one flat/apartment from her typical floor plan and develop the following:

  • Partial Bill of Quantities (BOQ): Conduct quantities take off using the actual measurements of your developed plans and prepare part of the bill of quantities for selected apartment spaces:
  • Specifications writing: select only two materials from the above list and develop its specification following the “3 part-Specification” format.
  • Include items only used in “internal finishes” section
  • Follow the MasterFormat Divisions in your serial numbering for materials.
  • Organize your table columns as following: Item #, description, Unit, Quantity, unit price/Rate, and Total Amount.
  • Calculate the total cost for each materials and for all used materials in the “internal finishes” section
  • Use the online “Sweets database” for materials products and their manufacturer/supplier to download available specifications using “3 part- Spec. format” for the two selected materials : https://sweets.construction.com/
  • Review the available specifications for each materials, and provide a condensed/abbreviated version of its main items (max two A4 pages for each materials)


  • Partial Bill of Quantities (BOQ)
  • Specifications documentation for two materials using “3 part-Spec.” format

Useful links

– Database for all materials suppliers and their products’ downloadable information/documents, including “3 Part-Spec.”


-Master format Division classifications (attached document)

-Sample online downloadable for some Materials – 3 Part Spec.


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