I need a response to these 2 question

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I need a response to these 2 question . Each one should be about 50 words or more. Nothing fancy.
1. I travel as frequently as possible and have made my way to 16 countries so far. My goal is to be able experience as many different cultures and foods as possible. My husband and I currently live in the UK with our two cats. We love going out to nightclubs so I think part of that has to do with my love for makeup and dancing. I’m not very innovative when it comes to creativity but I do try to be good at the things I enjoy, like cooking.
I think everyone has experienced their own VOC and can relate to how it effects their self-esteem. In the School of Rock, Dewey was not the only was that faced a VOC. The characters Tomika and Lawrence also faced it. Lawrence not believing he is cool enough to be in the band and Tomika believing people will laugh at her because she is bigger than the other girls. So I refer back to the question in my original post and also want to expand on what others may feel is most effective to overcome their VOC?
2. Hello, my name is Ronald Whitaker. I have had great opportunity in life this far to be a part of the creative part from choir and playing guitar in a band at a young age. I have progressed into my adult life using the creative process to design and build custom bookcases for my wife. I also have had the opportunity to work as a team designing our custom fire apparatus built in my professional world.
In choosing “Mona Lisa Smile” I found myself wondering a few creative questions, time period related. My first question comes from the perspective of the professor, challenging herself in a time where females were curbed from freethinking. Would I be able to continue fighting for the ability to share independent creative/critical thought with the younger generation? The second would be as one of the students, who have been introduced to another option for there lives and having the choice to not stand behind but demand they stand beside their male counterparts. An example of this is the very subtle but obvious reference within the movie where Katherine Watson chooses to hand the students a paint by numbers box, what I believe to open their creative opportunity and remove the “voice of criticism”. Had I been one of the students could I have allowed the influence of a teacher with motivation such as the paint by numbers to allow me to shed the “Voice of Criticism” and change my entire outlook on life to accomplish more than I had previously thought possible?

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