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Class: Evangelical theology

Disputation Paper

A number of theological doctrines have considerable perspectives and debates surrounding them. For example, while Christians may agree that the Scriptures are “inspired”, how they understand the nature of inspiration and the implications for how we read and interpret the Bible may differ. In this paper, you will choose one of the following topics to analyze: (a) inspiration of Scripture, (b) historical Adam, (c) Christ’s work of atonement, (d) predestination and salvation, (d) marriage- it’s nature and purpose; or (e) women’s ordination.

The paper will be structured as follows:


Introduction (3/4 – 1/2 page)

Women’s Ordination.

In the introduction, you will lay out the topic under consideration. Provide a broad context for the rest of the paper. Unpack what this topic relates to, why this topic matters, what implications are involved with this topic, and anything else that will set up the next section of the paper. For example, what do I mean by “the historical Adam”? What’s at stake? What’s being debated?


Description of Two Differing Position (2-3pages)

In this section, you will unpack two differing positions on the topic under consideration. Make sure to clearly and thoroughly lay out the arguments of the positions. For example, person “x” holds that women should not be ordained, while person “y” holds that they should. Why does person “x” argue this way? Why does person “y” argue this way? Or, person “x” thinks that penal substitution is the proper way of understanding Christ’s work of atonement, while person “y” disagrees and thinks deification is the best understanding. Why?

Evaluation (1 page)

After clearly and thoroughly laying out the two positions, evaluate them in this last section. What are the strengths of the arguments? What are the weaknesses? Which position do you think is the strongest?

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