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Assignment Instructions

Write an eight to ten page paper in APA format(including title page and reference page) following the outline you submitted (submission of the outline was optional). The paper must reflect the paper requirements (identifying organizational behavior (OB) challenges, identifying organizational behavior concepts and theories of relevance, and providing recommendations and solutions for the organizational behavior challenges – all need to be supported with the textbook and scholarly journal articles) of an actual organization of your choice (including your own employer) and a problem that your selected organization is experiencing. Diagnose the problem using OB theories, concepts, or models from the textbook and other sources including scholarly sources, and recommend a solution(s) (that applies to that model).

Perhaps you work in a perfect organization. 🙂 As an alternative, you may discuss what makes your organization so perfect, or a change process that has taken place to make it so perfect. You need to define and discuss organizational behavior theories that have been discussed in this course and in the textbook. Other popular theories of organizational behavior that have been discussed in scholarly research, but are not in the textbook, may also be discussed and supported. Also, if you have found any theories that have been refuted in your organization, please discuss those as well with additional support.

Use Times New Roman 12-point font with standard margins. There must be a minimum of eight FULL pages of text. Create a title page that includes page header, the title of your paper, your name, institution, centered on the page in separate lines according to APA format. The paper will be graded for timeliness (8 points), APA format (including citations and references) (16 points), writing quality, content (including introduction, background, conclusion) and grammar (20 points), sufficient explanation of applicable theories and concepts, recommendations/conclusions) (20 points), proper application of theories and concepts to the problem (20 points), and the quality of sources (10 sources with 6 sources being from peer-reviewed/scholarly journals and the textbook) that were used for support for the material in the paper (16 points).

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