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1) In 1918, US Senator Hiram Warren Johnson apparently said, “The first casualty when war comes is truth.”Thinking about the US’s wars and invasions in the period after World War II (both official and covert), tell me if you agree with this statement. Why or Why not?Furthermore, tell me what types of myths US warmakers and war-backers have employed to justify military interventions. Identify at least three myths in at least two different wars and explain the significance of each.Why do warmakers and their backers use myths before, during, and after wars? Provide specific examples from Foner.

2. Discuss the official political landscape from the late 1950s to the Trump presidency.In your view, which president during these decades was the most liberal?Who was the most conservative?Which president was especially moderate?Who do you think was the most successful president?How do you define “success?”Provide specific examples from Foner.

these are two separate questions. the answer should be specific and the answer should be 2 page each.

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