Writing a 2 page critical response to a reading

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For this assignment, you will identify 2 readings from Children & Youth Studies courses. These should be readings that you think are foundational to Children & Youth Studies and/or important for your own intellectual development as a Children & Youth Studies major.

Each reading must be from a scholarly peer-reviewed journal or an academic book. Check with me if you have any questions about the validity of your sources for this assignment.

For each reading you must:

  • submit a PDF file of the reading (not a hyperlink) via Blackboard
  • provide the full citation
  • write a 2 – 3 page critical reflection for each article that includes a summary of the reading (including methods and findings, if applicable), your critical response to the reading, how the article fits within a course of study in Children & Youth Studies including how/when/why you read it (what course, assignment, etc), and why you think the reading is important/why you chose the reading.

That is the homework i am to do. I have found the readings and will provide you with the worksheets. Please just write 2 pages, as i do not need any more pages. So for each paper, it is 2 pages. Altogether it is 4 pages . This needs to be due by 5:00pm

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