Write a 3500 paper on Organizational Communication Within The Workplace Paper, assignment help

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Write 3500 paper on the organizational communication within the workplace. 

For the final paper, students must write a paper of at least
3500 words (in the text of the paper) on a topic related to the material
covered in the class.  The paper may take
one of two forms.  In all cases, the
paper should draw on at least 12 cited references.  At least 4 of these must be refereed
scholarly journal articles.  Only 6 of
these can be web sources (this restriction does not apply to the 4 scholarly
journal articles, which may come from journals now available on the web).  All citations must have a clear quotation
or paraphrase
of the specific information in the source.  It is not appropriate to insert a source
without some information from the source.

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