Print the s&R guidelines and complete number 2 ,3,4,5, and 6

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Prepare for Timed S & R #1 (Study Guidelines & Use Writing Frame for Strong Organization) — Due Tues. 2/9 (25 Points)

Writing effective academic summary and responses is an essential skill which will help you in numerous college classes. This takes practice, but is well worth the effort since effective summary and responses will improve your active reading strategies, increase comprehension of college-level texts on a much deeper level, as well as enhance your critical thinking and written communication skills.

In order to do well on our first summary and response (S & R #1) for Dr. Carol Dweck’s article, “The Secret to Raising Smart Kids,” be sure to do the following:

  1. Print the S & R #1 Guidelines Handout (see link at the bottom).
  2. Study the S & R #1 Guidelines Pg 1-2 and use the Writing Frame Pg 3-5 to help organize your ideas.
  3. Study additional sample title, main idea, subpoint, quote format, quote commentary Pg 6-7.
  4. Do Not Do Any Outside Research (Just summarize Dweck’s article in the first paragraph, and come up with your own example connection in the second paragraph).
  5. Use the S & R #1 Writing Frame Pg 3-5 as a guide and type up your own summary and response for Dweck’s “The Secret to Raising Smart Kids.”
  6. Study the Summary and Response Sample #1 and #2 in our Week 1 Module and use as models for your organization & formatting.

Click on link below:

Summary & Response #1 Guidelines & Writing Frame

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