Griffith University Management Accounting and Strategy Question

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Question Description

I’m working on a accounting case study and need a sample draft to help me learn.

Case Study- BHP

BHP, a leading global resources company, works in more than 90 locations
throughout Australia and overseas. Internationally, companies now a days are concerned
about corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives in a bid to create an impact on the
community and get close to their customers. As such, one of the underlying principles of
BHP is to focus on sustainability strategies and meet sustainability performance and
commitments to improve their performance, transparency and accountability.
BHP focuses on maintaining a positive contribution to society, partners, economy,
environment and local communities. In the 2021 annual report and company website, you will
find a description of some of BHP’s sustainability objectives, strategies, and performance.


Describe how valuable do you think the Balanced Scorecard will be in helping BHP
meet its vision?

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