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Theater paper: 3 pages, double space, 12 times new roman. Describe the shows and your experiences.

There are three main stage shows this semester: The motherfucker with the Hat, Bells are ringing, and Jazz Nutcracker. this is the home page of theater department.

I am the light crew of the third show which is a dancing show. I was controlling the board during the show. It was the first time for me to be a light crew. The major problem during the show was that when I clicked one cue after the instruction of student manager, there was a large noise from the backstage and every light was on. I thought it was my fault and I felt really nervous because I could not shut it down. Everyone was very anxious about it and everyone was trying to fix it. Finally, the show was completed although the noise was still on. And they found it was the technical error and not my fault. After this time, lights in the house were partially on, but it did not influence audiences’ and we crews’ enthusiasm to enjoy the show. Rehearsals lasts one week and there were always problems about projectors and systems during rehearsals. But during the real show, there was no any faults about projectors. And after the third show, every crew member and actors should strike the stage.

The second show is the funniest one, and I like it most.

The first show was in a Thrust theater and the others are in Watters Theater.

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